Tradition, sacrifice and respect for nature are the foundations on which Pratello Farm was founded and the values that Vincenzo and his family are still committed to today.


Tradition, respect for the past, passion for the land and dedication to work are the common thread of the five generations that have led our winery to this day. Pratello today has more than 120 hectares that are meticulously cultivated by our staff to bring organic wines and foods to your tables. All products (fruit and vegetables, wine, and from livestock) are processed by hand “as in the past,” in order to best preserve the flavors and aromas of our generous land. The processing techniques also refer to tradition. In fact, our products are handled and processed following practices that have been handed down from generation to generation.


In 1867, great-grandfather Vincenzo founded the winery, which only in 1980 became part of what Pratello is today. In its 135-year history, the company has grown and expanded to the point that today it exports wines and spirits to 53 countries around the world. All this has been possible not only thanks to the passion that nourishes our work on a daily basis, but also to the commitment and sacrifices we make every day to see our reality grow more and more. We strive to offer the best to our guests, trying to introduce them to farm life by making them participate in the simple but exciting activities that we carry out every day. Of one thing we are certain: farming is a world that requires sacrifice, but it also offers great satisfaction.


Arriving at Pratello is a unique surprise: the atmosphere and unspoiled nature allow you to break free from everyday life and make this place the ideal environment for a relaxing vacation. The rooms carved out of the old farm core also allow you to rest and reactivate your vital energies. Here you can enjoy what is raised and cultivated in the surrounding countryside with the most diligent care for the environment. The farmer here at Pratello has always been considered a protector of the Earth. He has great respect for nature and this translates into the use of responsible, natural and sustainable agricultural production methods. This is precisely why Idea Pratello® was born, a processing and innovation protocol with which we concretize our choice to respect nature.

Pride in being a farmer. A country is strong when its agriculture is strong.
I am happy to be a farmer. Does this surprise you, just now when I am fighting for my financial survival?
It should not, because being a farmer is more than carrying out a trade. Oh, I am often angry about being a farmer and also sad and tormented and depressed and angry, but more often I am happy.
I love the land, the livestock, my children, my wife and even the house we live in. They are all parts of me as a farmer, like sweat, drought, infestations, depression and a thousand other worries that other men never know. I am equally happy to be a farmer.
Not because it is easy, it is not; not because it gives notoriety, it does not; not because it gives wealth, it does not. It is only because I know what I am and I know what I feel: it is pride, satisfaction and honest work.
It is sleeping well every night and being content to work every morning. I don't want to have another way. I am happy to be a farmer but I am infuriated. Not because I am a farmer but because tomorrow I may not be able to be a farmer anymore.

Dante Bertola